Dessert of the Month: Brazilian Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are perhaps the most famous Brazilian dessert. There is nothing like them anywhere else. The tasty treat is a cross between caramel, toffee and chocolate truffles. Pronounced bree-gah-day-ro, the traditional dessert is nothing more than cooked condensed milk with chocolate and a touch of butter. The simple ingredients and easy preparation make for a spectacular treat that won’t fail to surprise anyone who tastes it. Decadent and chewy, brigadeiros are enjoyed all over the country. The dessert is commonly served at celebrations, especially at birthday parties. It has sentimental value for most Brazilians as it often represents a bond

Caramel Apple Cupcake Recipe

Nothing makes me think of fall quite as much as going to the apple orchard with my family. Picking apples for hours, driving the long trip home (with a caramel apple for the road, of course), and ending up with enough jars of mom’s cinnamon applesauce to last the winter. I came up with this caramel apple cupcake recipe a few years ago, and it’s been a tradition in my family ever since. The apples in the filling provide bites of tartness and crunch to cut through the sweet syrup. (Put extra on top of pancakes for an easy fall

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