Meet the Staff

Editors-in-Chief: Tabitha Lynn ’21 and Nick Penniman ’22

Features Editors: Will Olsen ’21 and Seth Riker ’22

Associate Features Editor: Kate Vidano ’21

Opinions Editors:  Liana Smolover-Bord ’21 and Alissa Simon ’21

Associate Opinions Editor: Adam Leff ’22

Sports Editors: Sophie Axelrod ’22 and Shai Dweck ’22

Sports Website Manager: Rahil Malhotra ’22

Arts Editors: Aliza Lubitz ’21 and Kira Grossfield ’22

Comedy Editors: Aidan Kohn-Murphy ’22, Stella Tongour ’22, and EJ Joseph ’21

Augur Bite Managers: Leah Belber ’22 and Miriam Akhmetshin ’22

Copy Editor: Ethan Wolin ’23

Photo Editor: Jordan Yates ’21

Faculty Advisor: Julia Fisher