Signing Off: Editor’s Note

Dear GDS, This year has been a roller coaster. We never could have imagined that we would spend nearly the entirety of our term leading this newspaper from home. Nonetheless, we are proud of what we have accomplished in 2020—adapting to online reporting, creating a consistent online news presence, recruiting new writers, establishing this newsletter and so much more. In the past year, the Augur Bit website has received over 20,000 views. We are excited to announce that the next editors-in-chief will be Seth Riker and Ethan Wolin. We are sad to end our time as editors of the Bit, but

Welcome Back: Editor’s Note

Dear GDS, You probably don’t need to be told this summer was eventful. We are living through one of the most consequential election cycles ever, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and a pandemic that has altered nearly every aspect of life. It is an exciting time to work on a newspaper. There is no shortage of stories to cover or opinions to express.  Although virtual learning inhibits a normal printing schedule, it enables a publishing process that is current and continuous. You can expect new articles to be published on our website each week.  To prospective writers:

Editor’s Note — December 2018

Dear Hoppers, What a year! We are extremely proud to have accomplished so much with our team in 2018 and could not have done it without our dedicated readers. Without you all, there would be no one to use copies of the Bit to cover up the carpet and use as a napkin after Hardy’s. Who says print journalism is dead? In all seriousness, we’d like to thank our staff for their amazing work this year. We’ve published more editions this year than ever before and worked hard in August to release an issue during the first few days of

Statement of Clarification

In our last edition of The Augur Bit, an article covered the construction of the pool for GDS’s production of Metamorphoses. In the article, we implied that chlorine treatments were used in order to prevent hypothermia, which is not the case. We also said that time ran short for the building of the pool, which was incorrect as well. Finally, we were wrong in saying that Director Laura Rosberg had to raise her initial budget for the show. According to Rosberg, the budget for the entire show was $15,450 and never changed throughout production. In fact, the performing arts department

Editor’s Note

Dear Class of 2022, Welcome to high school! We hope you are excited about beginning your journey as new freshmen and want to personally extend a warm welcome from the entire Augur Bit staff. We hope you enjoy reading articles about how to format school-wide emails and about fall sports previews because we most definitely expect you to be at every game screaming in the stands alongside us. Here at The Augur Bit, for the first time ever (as in, like, over 40 years), we published an edition within the first couple weeks of school to tell you about the