Reflecting on a Year of Growth

The 2021 Augur Bit staff photo. Photo courtesy of Maya Landweber.

Dear GDS community, 

2021 has been a year of growth for The Augur Bit—for the staff, our readership and the scope of our work. As the year comes to a close, we would love to share our gratitude for the people who have made that possible.

Everything The Augur Bit has done in the past year is thanks to our wonderful staff—and our extraordinary faculty advisor, Julia Fisher, who has tirelessly helped us and advocated for the newspaper. 

Week in, week out, writers, editors, photographers, designers and managers have contributed to putting together a newspaper for you to read. They have done investigative journalism, boldly shared their opinions, covered countless aspects of school life and more, while also helping us improve the way the paper works.

Their work has garnered over 35 thousand online views, produced seven print editions and won several notable awards. And over the course of the year, they have demonstrated to us and to the community the power and importance of high-quality student journalism.

Of course, thank you as well to our readers and sources. Your interest in what is happening around you and your care for GDS allow us to do our work with purpose. We welcome all students to consider getting involved with the newspaper next year, and we cannot wait to see what 2022 augurs for the Bit


Ethan and Seth