Signing Off: Editor’s Note

Dear GDS, This year has been a roller coaster. We never could have imagined that we would spend nearly the entirety of our term leading this newspaper from home. Nonetheless, we are proud of what we have accomplished in 2020—adapting to online reporting, creating a consistent online news presence, recruiting new writers, establishing this newsletter and so much more. In the past year, the Augur Bit website has received over 20,000 views. We are excited to announce that the next editors-in-chief will be Seth Riker and Ethan Wolin. We are sad to end our time as editors of the Bit, but

Welcome Back: Editor’s Note

Dear GDS, You probably don’t need to be told this summer was eventful. We are living through one of the most consequential election cycles ever, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and a pandemic that has altered nearly every aspect of life. It is an exciting time to work on a newspaper. There is no shortage of stories to cover or opinions to express.  Although virtual learning inhibits a normal printing schedule, it enables a publishing process that is current and continuous. You can expect new articles to be published on our website each week.  To prospective writers:

GDS Students Register for 2019-2020 Classes

Last spring, GDS announced that the school was planning on phasing out Advanced Placement (AP) classes in coordination with several other independent schools in the area. The move would eliminate all AP courses in participating schools by 2022. Many students are excited about the new development, but as course registration quickly approaches, others are worried about how the change might affect them. “One of the goals,” Dean of Academic Life, Chris Levy said, “is to have students explore topics in new and exciting ways,  through courses that are equally challenging, if not more rigorous.” Freshman Maddie Feldman wasn’t aware of

Meet Marlo

It seems unbelievable that Marlo Thomas’s tenure at GDS has not yet even lasted a full semester. In the past few months, Thomas has smoothly integrated herself into the GDS community as the new Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Thomas didn’t always see herself working as a diversity director. She grew up in the Bronx and played Division-I basketball in college (which is why her favorite time of the year is college basketball season). Her passion for sports was immense, and she spent much of her life thinking she wanted to work in the sports industry. As she was pursuing

Goodbye Safeway, Hello Construction

The constant pounding and whirring of machines fill the air of the once tranquil GDS neighborhood. Just a few weeks ago, the Safeway building that sat vacant for nearly two years was reduced to rubble in mere days. The unrecognizable pile of bricks marks the start of the unification process of the two GDS campuses. The construction crew is paving the way for a brand new school with the goal of bringing together the GDS community by the fall of 2020. For now, however, the neighborhood must put up with the construction that accompanies it.   People have had mixed

Freshman Freakout

As the end of the school year draws closer, so do the dreaded final exams. For many freshman students, these exams will be the first exam they have ever taken. This is a very stressful time for all students; many believe that those ten hours of testing can dictate their entire future. Additionally, the final exam is a significant portion of one’s final grade in a class and no one wants to attempt something so important for the first time without preparation. This winter, for the first time, Georgetown Day School (GDS) decided to have minimesters in the place of

Taking Early Action Against Drugs and Alcohol

On Wednesday, January 31, the entire freshman class and their parents congregated in the Georgetown Day School library. This mandatory meeting was organized to discuss the usage of drugs and alcohol in the 9th grade class. Amy Killy, the GDS guidance counselor, believes that the main goal of the meeting was to get students and parents talking about this issue. She hopes, “that there can be some sort of common ground that can foster a good conversation about what’s real, that is both real and relevant.” In previous years, meetings similar to these have occurred for the sophomores and juniors.