Welcome Back: Editor’s Note

Dear GDS,

You probably don’t need to be told this summer was eventful. We are living through one of the most consequential election cycles ever, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and a pandemic that has altered nearly every aspect of life.

It is an exciting time to work on a newspaper. There is no shortage of stories to cover or opinions to express. 

Although virtual learning inhibits a normal printing schedule, it enables a publishing process that is current and continuous. You can expect new articles to be published on our website each week. 

To prospective writers: We aim to publish a newspaper with as many different voices and perspectives as possible, and we urge you to lend yours. Since school closed last year, our readership has been growing. If it wasn’t before, now is the time to write. 

We know it is a daunting time—and, for many, a daunting school year. But we enter it with optimism and a purpose: To inform the GDS community, amplify its voices and galvanize its energy for progress. 

Your Editors-in-Chief,

Nick Penniman and Tabitha Lynn

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