A Learning Process

During the coronavirus outbreak, teachers have adjusted their lesson plans, teaching styles and more to develop online classes. Through these changes, they have learned a lot in the process. Many teachers—including history teachers Sue Ikenberry, Cliff Coates and Marjorie Brimley—have used online resources such as discussion boards and Zoom breakout rooms. “Breakout rooms were a wonderful feature to use,” Brimley said. “I found them to be more effective than a larger group discussion.”  Brimley has also used many podcasts and live streams in her class. Relevant speeches and presentations that would normally require students to go on field trips have

A Deeper Look at YPAR

First a club and now a class, YPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research) has collectively tried to advocate and educate the student body on important topics in order to enact change. According to senior Katie Shambaugh and a member of the class, “It is a great outlet for students to have a voice and say, ‘we think this should be changed.’” YPAR is unique in the extra research students conduct to support their initiatives, test their assumptions, and make GDS more equitable. Through the combination of social justice work and research, YPAR participants have made strides towards changing the infrastructure of

Goodbye Safeway, Hello Construction

The constant pounding and whirring of machines fill the air of the once tranquil GDS neighborhood. Just a few weeks ago, the Safeway building that sat vacant for nearly two years was reduced to rubble in mere days. The unrecognizable pile of bricks marks the start of the unification process of the two GDS campuses. The construction crew is paving the way for a brand new school with the goal of bringing together the GDS community by the fall of 2020. For now, however, the neighborhood must put up with the construction that accompanies it.   People have had mixed