Fun Bingos to try during Quarantine

If you’ve been on Instagram or Snapchat in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen some of those hilarious bingo boards that people have been posting on their stories! Here at the Augur Bit, we wanted to create a few more bingos to keep you entertained during this trying time! 

I was scrolling through Snapchat the other day when I found a hilarious bingo called “Crackhead Bingo.” I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I have SUCH crackhead energy, so I instantly related. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the bingo board incorporated all aspects of being a crackhead, so I made my own! Enjoy!  

Earlier I stumbled upon a “GDS student bingo.” Here at the Augur Bit, we obviously know the student body better than anyone else, so please enjoy this highly relatable and absolutely hilarious GDS Bingo. 

We hope you enjoyed our hilarious bingo boards! If you post any of them, make sure to tag us on Instagram!