No, Fake News Liberals, Trump Didn’t Say We Should “Inject” Disinfectants in Our Bodies to Cure the Coronavirus


On April 24, the liberal Fake News Media (or Pee-dia, as I call it) reported that our fearless President Trump suggested that Americans should “inject” themselves with disinfectants such as Lysol, Purell and Clorox to protect themselves from the “coronavirus.” But just like always, the lame stream media was LYING. At a press conference on the 24th, the best president of all time said: “I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that.” 

The media took the president’s words completely out of context. All of the news networks tried to make President Trump look dumb. The Washington Pee-st, Pee-litico, Pee-NN, AB-Pee, N-Pee-R, NB-Pee and its spinoff MSNB-Pee all tried to slander the president. They just don’t get President Trump’s sense of humor. President Trump is quite possibly the funniest human being in the world. Just look at his nicknames: “Pencilneck Adam Schiff” or “Nervous Nancy Pelosi.” Comedy gold. The president is known for his hilarious pranks on the media. Remember when he said that the country would be open by Easter? These are the classic pranks that real Americans love. 

The president was joking, but he was also making a larger point. When he said that we should inject ourselves with disinfectants, he didn’t MEAN that we should inject ourselves with disinfectants, and it’s honestly shocking that he could even be interpreted that way. It was a metaphor. He was saying that we as a country should inject disinfectants (meaning money) into our bodies (economy). He was just suggesting another stimulus package, but the Do-Nothing Dems still tried to attack him for making a good suggestion. SMH my head. 

By making a larger point, he was also being sarcastic. He was telling Americans NOT to inject themselves with disinfectants. Trump recognized that some people in the government (himself) had previously suggested injecting disinfectants, and he was clearly being sarcastic. 

In addition to being sarcastic, Trump was also trying to help stupid Dumb-ocrats stay safe from the “coronavirus.” He knows that whatever he says, Dems will do the opposite. I’m sure that there were hundreds, if not millions, of Democrats sitting by their TVs, loading up their heroin needles with hand sanitizer while they were watching Trump’s briefing. Right as they were about to inject it, they heard Trump’s suggestion. In a fit of liberal baby rage, they decided not to do it just to spite the President.

In closing, Trump was joking. But it was also a metaphor about our economy. Also, he was just being sarcastic. But more than that, he was saving lives. Think about how many dumb liberal lives would have been lost if Trump hadn’t said that. Dozens? Millions? There’s no way to know. Trump just saved billions of people, but the Democrats just want to attack him. Trump could find a cure for the “coronavirus” and Crazy Nancy Pee-losi would still impeach him. Disgusting. It’s a sad day for the country when the liberal media tries to attack the president just because he said something that could get Americans killed. Today is not only a sad day for the country, but a sad day for democracy.

Aidan Kohn-Murphy ’22