The Process of Selecting New Fata Morgana Heads

What is it really like to be in Fata Morgana? Behind the scenes, it’s not the perfectly choreographed dances you see in the final show. The selection of new heads has caused tensions to spike after the fall season. The new heads, junior Hallie Lancz and sophomore Mckenzie Jameson, were announced after the last show in 2018, a dramatic end to the year.

The process for aspiring heads begins with an interview with the current heads of the club and Maria Watson, faculty advisor to Fata. They ask what traits one would bring to Fata and why one is fit for the role.

An applicant is also required to choreograph a dance during the fall season, demonstrating leadership as well as dance experience. The two heads and Watson then discuss who should take on the leadership role next, and announce it at the end of the season. This year, it is Lancz and Jamesonare who are thrilled to be in a new position with more opportunities.

“I’ve wanted to be head since freshman year,” Hallie said. However, a burden comes along with it, as with their newfound leadership position comes possible conflicts of interest.

“McKenzie and I have already experienced having to make some difficult decisions this early into the season, and just knowing that these are our friends on the receiving end is difficult” Hallie said.

The current process in choosing new Fata heads brings up a question: Is it a fair system to have the heads pick between their friends for a position so many aspire to? Should the future of the company be held in only three people’s hands?

“I think everyone should have a say in the vote because we’re all a part of the company,” said Junior Abby Gallagher. “We all want to have a say in who’s leading us.” She believes that since everyone in the company is affected, they should all get a vote.

“The heads have experience with what you need to be head,” says Sophomore Kendall Watts, who has been in Fata since the fall season of her freshman year. She explains that because the heads know what to look for, they can make a fair decision. Kendall was an applicant for the 2019 position, but was not selected.

When asked about her reaction to the decision, she says that of course she was disappointed but thinks Lancz and Jameson are qualified for the position and are already doing a great job as heads of the company. She continues to be dedicated and works hard for the group, choreographing a dance for the upcoming spring show.

As we all know, we all love the Fata queens (yes, there is an instagram page @fataqueens) and are excited to see what the spring show for 2019 has in store, no matter the selection process for new Fata heads.

Camilla Salwen ’21