Style Profile of Senior Lucy Walker

GDS students are well-known for their creativity in and out of the classroom, whether it be solving a puzzle or the way that they dress. Each edition, we profile fashionable GDS students to get some insight to how our students like to stay à la mode.


1) In a couple words, describe your style?

Walker: Hip 1970s schoolteacher plus athleisure.


2) Who is a fashion icon/inspiration of yours?

Walker: Max Cowan and John Burghardt. Also, Joyce Yang 🙂  


3) Why do you care about style?

Walker: I like my to express myself and find creative ways to put the pieces together. Also, I like the compliments.


4) What is one style rule (if any) that you live by?

Walker: I don’t ever wear navy blue and black together. It stresses me out.


5) How long do you spend on your look, on average?

Walker: Anywhere from a few seconds to 45 minutes.


6) Where do you acquire most of your wardrobe?

Walker: Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters, and free t-shirts from GDS outings.  


7) What was one summer trend that you liked?

Walker: Those tiny little sunglasses.

By Caroline Katzive

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