Calling all Brainiacs: Neuroscience Offered as New Course in 2017-2018

If you are interested in the brain and how it works, then listen up! Next year, Neuroscience will be one of the new courses offered at GDS. Taught by Bobby Asher and Bill Wallace, this new science course will be a whole year and will include things like field trips, projects, labs, and tests. 

Asher, who has taught AP Psychology for twenty years, says he is passionate about picking things kids enjoy and digging a little deeper. He wants the class’s structure to allow for off-topic and in-depth discussions relating to neurology. “If a kid comes into class with a question, I want to be able to have a class discussion about it. I want it to be able to talk about one thing for a whole week.” Asher said. Asher explained how excited he was to teach a class where he can go off topic, because he is not preparing for an AP test. “Imagine, having the freedom to create a class,” he said. With Wallace, Asher wants to cover topics and diseases like Alzheimer’s, depression, how your body can be healthier if you nourish your brain more, and learning about what people would look like if they used their full brain capacity.

Although Asher will miss teaching AP Psychology, he won’t miss the aspect of preparing for the standardized test offered in May and cramming all the material into a short amount of time. “I think that people can learn really well through discussions, and making things,” he explained. This class is likely to draw many students, and will hopefully become even more popular with Asher and Wallace’s enthusiastic attitude. As Asher said, “Let’s do this thing!”

By: Margaux Ameer