A++ for C++

If you are living in the 21st century United States, knowing how to use technology and how to operate computers is essential to becoming successful. Students will never learn these important, technological skills without being given the opportunities to take classes taught specifically to learn about computers and coding.

There are hundreds of programming languages used today around the world. But before this year, there were only three classes offered at Georgetown Day High School for specific programming languages: C++, Java, and R Programming. As well as the already mentioned courses, a class based on Python and a new, more advanced C++ class are both now offered for GDS students to take during the 2016-2017 school year.

C++ is a “powerful programming language that operates closer to the hardware than other high-level languages” according to GDS’s most recent Course of Study. In the introductory C++ class, students learn how to write code to complete simple tasks, such as finding someone’s grade based on test scores or multiplying and dividing. If the student successfully completes the course, they can then move on to the fall semester course known as Data Structures and Algorithms in C++.

Allison Burke, a sophomore in an introductory class, took the course because with “computers getting more prevalent in the world it would be good to know how to use a computer in the depth that C++ gives.” She plans on taking the new, follow-up course to deepen her understanding of the language even more.

This new coding class is designed to start with a review of the language learned in the beginning class. Students then move on to learn to do new tasks with C++. The course covers “linked lists, stacks, sorting, searching, queues, trees, graphs, and algorithmic analysis.” The more advanced class is an ideal course for students interested in pursuing a computer science major or minor in college. It is also designed for students who simply wish to further immerse themselves in programming. Winston Leong is teaching the class.

In a world shaped by technology, it is vital for students to learn about computer science. With GDS’s new C++ course, the Mighty Hoppers have even more opportunities to increase their knowledge in programming and excel later in life.

By: Abigail Murphy