Let’s Go Nats! A Review of the Washington Nationals

At this point in Washington Nationals history, it almost seems normal to watch the divisional competition come to a stop while the Nats sprint away from the pack in hot pursuit of yet another 90-plus win season. Despite offseason improvements made by divisional foes Atlanta and Philadelphia, the Nationals, especially Stephen Strasburg, observed as 2017 National League Most Valuable Player, Giancarlo Stanton, who has a career .313 batting average along with three home runs against the Nats pitcher, departs for the New York Yankees as just one of many casualties of the Miami Marlins’ fire sale. Unlike the Yankees, the

Climbing Her Way to the Top: Ellie Sepúlveda and her Climbing Career

Don’t sleep on freshman Ellie Sepúlveda. She is quietly one of GDS’ most elite and top-tier athletes, even though most GDS students don’t know it. In fact, most people don’t fully understand the nature of her sport, rock climbing. But Ellie doesn’t let this lack of recognition discourage her. As a member of the Sportrock Alexandria climbing team, and part of GDS’ own rock climbing team, she trains for over 20 hours a week. She also competes year-round in the USA Climbing youth program, in all three categories of competition: bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing. Still, Ellie aims even

It’s In The Game

When one thinks of video games, they usually think of immersive, fantastical worlds and stories so outlandish as to only be possible within the digital world. Sports video games, however, occupy a niche for gamers hungering for a more realistic experience without sacrificing any of the immersiveness provided by other video games. For many years the sports gaming scene has been dominated by EA (Electronic Arts) Sports. The company’s long-running franchises include FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL football, and NHL hockey. In addition, EA produces a line of basketball titles under the name NBA Live, but California-based 2K Games prevails as

“We Won’t Tie!”: Meet the GDS Volleyball Team

Ask anyone what the most important part of a winning team is and you’ll likely receive a few different responses. Some will immediately say that a strong defense is essential to success. Others will counter with the classic (paraphrased) George Washington quotation that the best defense is a strong offense. But what if even the combination of these two factors isn’t enough to propel a team to victory? Meet the 2017 GDS varsity volleyball team, where a culture of teamwork and supportiveness is preached above all else. Of course, pretty much all team sports are based around the concept of

A Talk with Taylor: An In Depth Deliberation with the Physical Education Legend

In the last edition of the Augur Bit, my colleague Alexander “Thomp” Thompson met with Physical Education Department Head, men’s varsity lacrosse Head Coach, and chicken connoisseur Taylor Brown. After a thought provoking conversation that left Alexander and the rest of our community speechless, I knew it was my destiny to trek down to the Level One Fitness Center and delve deeper into the identity of the man, the myth, the legend: Taylor Brown. Q: What were your thoughts on the New England Patriots being crowned Super Bowl 51 champions this past year? A: As a small tear crests his

Women’s Varsity Soccer Prioritize Quick Return to ISL Division One Play

Disappointed, bewildered, and looking for revenge are just a few ways one could have characterized the GDS women’s varsity soccer team at the end of 2016 fall season, after they had found out they had been relegated into the second division of the Independent School League (ISL.) Another way one could characterize them was relieved. For years the GDS women’s soccer program has been producing NCAA Division I and Division III-caliber athletes at a much higher rate than other GDS sports programs. Such players include class of 2015 graduate Hannah Natanson who is a forward for Harvard University, and class

The DC Stars: A Hockey Team for Students Throughout the DMV

Georgetown Day School (GDS) has never been a particularly athletically-focused school, but some sports are still more prominent than others. Ice hockey players at GDS have long been neglected, and with reason. Fewer than 10 students who play hockey out of more than 500 in the student body is hardly enough to field a team. This situation, however, is hardly unique to GDS. Hockey is not a very well-represented sport in the DC-Metropolitan area; yet, in 2003, a group of students from Woodrow Wilson High School set out to change that underrepresentation by giving local kids a chance to play

RAN GOOD: GDS Co-Ed Indoor Track Teams Place 2nd and 4th in 2017 DCSAA Championships!

Following one of Anthony Belber’s iconic inspirational speeches, the GDS running hoppers placed 2nd overall for the women’s team and 4th overall for the men’s team today at the 2017 DCSAA Indoor Track Championship meet! No better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at an all-day track meet…and yes, the women did get those cool DCSAA sweatshirts for coming in 2nd! Congratulations to all athletes who “ran good” today! 🙂

Putting the “Bad” in Badminton: A profile of GDS’s finest club

Zachary Bergman For the past four years, students and teachers have been coming together once a week to play a sport they all love: badminton.  The club was founded by longtime PE teacher and coach Harold Newton after many of his students expressed interest in playing badminton regularly.  “A lot of it came from [my students],” Newton said, “because they were really into badminton so we started out just playing at lunch… Some members of the club went from not caring about badminton at all to super serious badminton players.”  Newton described the club as “a playing experience;” club members

Rooting for the Home Team: Spring Sports Saturday, first of its kind

Alexander Thompson On April 16th, 2016, Athletic Director Kathy Hudson and the Georgetown Day High School Athletic Department hosted the first ever Spring Sports Saturday. Hudson and the Hopper Athletic Leadership Team (HALT) were hoping to begin a new GDS tradition by bringing the community together to showcase many of the school’s spring programs. Our Sports Saturday in the fall, which has been running for more than 20 years, has done wonders to strengthen the school’s sense of community, pride, and athletic excellence. After seeing this success year after year, Hudson decided that the school should try and recreate the

Photo Finish: Hoppers win state title in final relays

Sarah Pillard On May 28th Georgetown Day’s track team narrowly swept the DC State Championship. The women’s team won by a margin of 2.33 points, edging out Eastern High School in the last two relays of the day–the 4x100m and the 4x400m. The men’s team won by a single point and, for the third year in a row, beat Woodrow Wilson High School. The District of Columbia State Athletic Association (DCSAA) has been holding “State” Championships for the past four years. For three of those four years a portion of the GDS track team has stayed past the conference championships

Goodbye Harold

Henry Schlick When Harold Newton first walked into Georgetown Day School in 1980, the high school, located on MacArthur Boulevard, had nowhere to play its home games. Seven years later a new school with a home field and gym were completed in Tenleytown. And today, 36 years later, he will be leaving the school as one of the most beloved figures in its history. Newton has coached the GDS Men’s Varsity Soccer team for 30 years and in that time they have won 12 MAC banners. The team was first in the league eight years in a row from 1989

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