How Mental Illness is Portrayed in A Star is Born

The 2018 film adaptation of A Star Is Born, directed and co-written by Bradley Cooper, addresses the topics of suicide and substance abuse. The film follows the love story of singers Jackson Maine and Ally. In the movie, Maine persuades Ally to pursue singing and songwriting while he struggles with substance abuse and depression. As Ally begins to succeed in her singing career, the pair struggle with their relationship. From the opening scene, the audience witnesses Maine’s drug abuse. Eventually, Maine relapses into his drug addiction and commits suicide. When GDS High School Counselor Amy Killy spoke about the movie,

A Day in the Life of a Fata Queen

Georgetown Day School’s student-run and student-choreographed dance troupe Fata Morgana, a staple in the GDS art scene, had its season debut with a series of shows starting December 13 through 15. Every year Fata’s Friday night showcase sells out within the first 24 hours of the tickets’ release. This year’s showcase is no exception. With all of the company’s success, I could not help but wonder what it was like being a GDS dancer. How did it feel to walk down the hallways receiving compliment after compliment? Thus my journey began: uncovering the day in the life of a Fata

Winter Culture Guide

Spending the holidays at home? Here are five free events in Washington, D.C. over GDS’s winter break. Three of the events are holiday-themed, one is an art installation and the last is a museum exhibit. The Downtown Holiday Market outdoor shopping extravaganza began in November, and will end on Sunday, December 23, giving you three days at the beginning of winter break to visit and peruse the seasonal offerings from local artisans and craftspeople. It is an opportunity to support local economy and buy thoughtful gifts. Open noon to 8pm daily. The United States Botanic Garden is running its annual

Beetlejuice: A Show About Death

Two months ago, the pre-Broadway run of Beetlejuice: The Musical opened at the National Theatre. Based off of the iconic film by Tim Burton in 1988, the show takes Beetlejuice’s dirty humor to a whole new level. In the first act, we meet Beetlejuice (who introduces us to the show and warns us that it is “a show about death”) and Lydia. Lydia, dressed in all black, lays a rose on her mother’s casket. After the funeral ends, we find the Maitlands wondering what they’re going to do with the rest of their (short) lives. The floor then gives out

Generating a Profit from Square One

As the curtain on Metamorphoses came down and the last drops of water were drained out of the pool, bookkeeping for the fall play revealed a healthy profit. A practice Performing Arts Department Chair Laura Rosberg holds dear to her heart, “zero-based budgeting” for the shows (ie, the notion that the theatre department itself must raise all of its money for each production), presents its challenges while preparing students for the competitive theater world. Making a profit from the fall show was an arduous task as GDS does not directly fund any theater productions. Instead, a combination of ticket sales,

Thespians Prepare for Winter One Acts Festival

After another successful fall theater season, GDS students are preparing for a series of short plays known as the Winter One Acts Festival. With auditions occurring in early December, the rehearsal period spans throughout the end of first semester and the beginning of the second with the final productions in January. Every year, the show features a series of plays directed by seniors and two faculty members. This year’s directors are seniors Cole Wright-Schaner, Sophie Warshauer, Nick Moen, Will Foster, Kirsten Moyer and Alex Carnot along with acting teacher Jim Mahady and science teacher Bill George. Approximately twenty students audition

Making a Splash: GDS Builds a Pool

The GDS Swimming and Diving Team is not the only group of students set to don swimsuits and make a splash this school year. The sets crew, under the guidance of new technical director Christal Boyd, is taking on the challenge of designing and constructing a pool for the fall play, Metamorphoses. Although past set designers and crew heads have not averted from complex schemes, scaffolding a pool requires extensive research ranging from finding chlorine treatments to materials such as water heaters that will prevent the actors from contracting hypothermia. For Metamorphoses, the sets crew’s research is critical for protecting

SNL and Politics Interview

Ever since the show’s inception, political jokes have been a staple of routines on Saturday Night Live (SNL). With the advent of the Trump administration, sketches about politics are becoming increasingly common on the popular NBC show, from Alec Baldwin’s recurring depiction of President Donald Trump to Matt Damon’s portrayal of Brett Kavanaugh. Despite the overwhelming presence of politics in the show, senior and comedy section editor Cole Wright-Schaner does not think that the show can affect the minds of the viewers. “I think people go into SNL having preconceived notions [about] politics,” he said. Wright-Schaner said that SNL often

The Art of Protest

Frustrated by today’s political climate but too young to vote? Art could be the answer to your problems. For decades, protest and advocacy art have been used as tools of dissent, inciting people to take action on issues that matter to them. Art is a powerful form of advocacy and a cornerstone of social justice movements. Today, street art is one of the most visible forms of everyday activism. The politically charged light installations on the streets of New York and DC are forms of street art. They are unavoidable. They begin conversations. They are interactive forms of art. The

The Augur Beat: BROCKHAMPTON to Paul McCartney: September Music Releases

With a host of new albums scheduled to drop and fresh off the surprising release of Kamikaze, music fans of all genres can look forward to an exciting September. First up was indie artist Russ. After releasing singles “The Flute Song” and “Serious,” on September 7th, Russ released Zoo, the follow up record to his platinum debut There’s Really a Wolf. Russ collaborated with producer and songwriter Scott Storch on “The Flute Song,” and more collaborations between the two are featured on the album. YBN released their new mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape, the same day. The rap collective is composed

Style Profile of Senior Lucy Walker

GDS students are well-known for their creativity in and out of the classroom, whether it be solving a puzzle or the way that they dress. Each edition, we profile fashionable GDS students to get some insight to how our students like to stay à la mode.   1) In a couple words, describe your style? Walker: Hip 1970s schoolteacher plus athleisure.   2) Who is a fashion icon/inspiration of yours? Walker: Max Cowan and John Burghardt. Also, Joyce Yang 🙂     3) Why do you care about style? Walker: I like my to express myself and find creative ways

A New Year for the Performing Arts Department

When Performing Arts Department Chair Laura Rosberg sent an email in early June announcing the 2018-2019 theater season, remnants from Floyd Collins could still be found backstage and in the black box. But now as students flood the hallways again, plans for this year’s shows are well underway. The fall play, Metamorphoses, and spring musical, Urinetown, are decidedly different from last year’s shows and each brings its own unique challenges for everyone involved, from the actors and actresses to the designers and crew members. The play Metamorphoses is a contemporary adaptation of the classic poem, Metamorphoses, written by Roman poet

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