Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent: Combating Ignorance through Education

This November, GDS hosted the third annual Summit on Sexual Assault and Consent. The Addressing Sexual Assault and Consent track was added to the GDS Policy Institute in 2015 and the summit has since grown to become a national event that drew over 350 students, teachers and parents from 40 schools in seven states this year. The students from the Summer Policy Institute worked tirelessly over the summer to organize the summit, contacting presenters, coordinating logistics, exploring how best to engage attendees and refining the key messages they wanted the day to convey. Student leaders chose to get involved with

Parking at School: A High Price to Pay?

In order to reserve a parking space at the GDS High School, a student must pay the school $500 per year. With GDS being only a few years away from unifying its two campuses, students are already buzzing with talk of free parking on the new grounds. While, in theory, free parking for students is ideal, students must continue to pay for their parking spaces due to a number of economic and environmental reasons. Currently, there are 74 parking spaces available for students. After construction, there will be a River Road entrance to the school and two spaces will be

Representation in Ninth Grade English

You walk into your first day of high school, everything is new: new teachers, new campus, new students. How will you get to know this school? What are its values? How will you explore and come to understand your identity and find your place in this new environment? Perhaps surprisingly, ninth grade English class can help you find answer to some of these questions. As the GDS course catalogue explains,“English 9 texts focus on journeys — both metaphorical and physical — in which the protagonists “adolesce” as they struggle toward the formation of tested and tempered identities.” One of the

Open Spaces and Difficult Conversations at GDS

On November 10, Open Spaces were brought to the GDS high-school, facilitated by members of GDS’s student and faculty community. And while it may seem that these conversations are in the distant past, they will be returning twice more over the course of the remaining school year. Open Space discussions are defined as “a self-organizing practice of inner discipline and collective activity, which releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people. By inviting people to take responsibility for what they care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, reflection, and learning, bringing out the best in both individuals and