Changing Our Mindset About the College Process

In March, the news broke of a scandal involving 33 parents (including various celebrities), prestigious university coaches and millions of dollars, all with the goal of cheating the college admissions system in order to get the children of wealthy America into top schools. The public outrage and interest following the story was near instantaneous. Co-director of the college counseling office Jenni Ruiz said, “For some reason… when we start to talk about college admissions… people have this puritanical view of how it should be fair.” Co-director Emily Livelli added, “there’s a lot of mythology around college [admissions].” The methods of

Danny Stock takes GDS Online

GDS’s Instagram account has 1,037 followers and includes 397 posts of candid classroom shots of the High and Lower schools, videos from school sports games and content that emphasizes GDS’s mission. The account, dubbed @gdshoppers, along with its corresponding Twitter and Facebook accounts, has emerged in the past decade as social media has become a platform for professional use and community engagement. Many local private and public high schools have official school Instagram accounts. Danny Stock, a former second-grade teacher at GDS, is the man behind GDS’s social media. “I often wished students across all divisions could see the connections

Coffee Nature: A Neighborhood Gem and GDS Supporter

Nestled at 4224 Fessenden Street, Coffee Nature has long been one of the hidden gems of Tenleytown. The neighborhood business has been locally owned by Joseph Oh and his family since 2012, and a variety of high school and college students from around D.C. work there part-time. The menu features classic coffee drinks and specialty sandwiches, as well as Korean dishes and smoothies. Only a few blocks away from GDS, this café is a familiar location frequented by virtually every student. But the relationship between the school and the store runs beyond the Friday lunchtime rush. Senior Shonali Palacios doesn’t