Meeting Together After all this Time

On the morning of September 28, throngs of lower school students congregated on-campus to see each other and do activities together for the first time since GDS officially closed its doors to students last March. That afternoon, another group did the same, and over the course of the week nearly every student from pre-K through 4th grade gathered together on campus. Although this partial reopening might be slightly risky, it is absolutely essential the mental health and emotional development of younger students and GDS is making the right decision in having students back together on campus again. There is a

Climbing to the Top: GDS’s Climbing Team

The middle of November marked the beginning of the climbing season for 36 GDS students. Three days a week, these students bus to Rockville and spend two hours scaling carefully laid out walls in Earth Treks Climbing Center. Although it currently serves as a club and not a sport, the climbing team functions in very much the same way that one would expect a GDS sports team to function. It meets for several hours five days a week and competes with other schools. Still, there are very rational barriers holding it from the GDS sports program. After all, climbing is