Letter to the Editor: ‘Jazzy’ is a ‘heinous word’

The Crash Funk Brass Band performing at Art All Night. Photo by Sosi Audain.

Dear Augur Bit Editors,

Margaret Blomstrom’s Oct. 16th article about this year’s performances at Art All Night breathes life, yet again, into that most wicked descriptor. In my last letter, I had hoped that future articles in The Augur Bit would take greater care to avoid such disparaging adjectives, and now such a heinous word has been applied to my own playing. Such a direct and deliberate assault is disheartening and might beg the question, “Where is the DCC when you need them?”

I still greatly appreciate the coverage and attention, and the GDS performances at Jackson-Reed were, indeed, stellar. I am a proud teacher of creative and talented sophomores who take advantage of every opportunity to connect with an audience.


Brad Linde

The writer is the GDS high school’s jazz and instrumental music teacher. Any reader may email augurbit@gds.org to submit a letter to the editor for publication.