Goodnight Zoom

Illustration by Nava Mach.

In the realm of distance learning,

There was a computer 

And a Zoom

And awkwardness

When silence fell over breakout rooms.

And there were three naps during history 

And two classes a week

And two empty buildings on Davenport Street

Waiting for classmates freshmen never got to meet.

And then we went in person, because school always starts in November.

The people in the other cohort’s names, I can’t remember.

And no open campus or talking at lunch,

And a teacher watching us on Zoom who was whispering “hush.” 

Goodnight Zoom,

Goodnight breakout room,

Goodnight naps during my favorite class,

Goodnight empty buildings on Davenport Street

And the freshmen that I’ve yet to meet.

Goodnight learning remote,

Goodnight sore throat,

Goodnight six-feet distance,

And goodnight viral resistance.

Goodnight quarantine,

And goodnight share screen.

Goodnight poor connection,

And goodnight cohort section.

Goodnight closed campus,

And goodnight masks.

Goodnight seniors, skipping class.

Goodnight silent lunch,

And goodnight to teachers whispering “hush.” 

Goodnight being left in the waiting room,

Goodnight virtual campus,

Goodnight Zoom. 

Inspired by Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.