‘Stay Apart’: Photos of GDS’ Changed Environment

Even as some students return to campus two days a week, the high school building has been transformed into a shell of its former self. Replete with safety signage but lacking the full student body, the campus takes on a liminal essence. These edited photographs, taken at the start of the second semester, tell the story of the GDS high school’s changed home. 

At the foot of the Forum, green signs and chairs take the appearance of an alien species.

In place of the juniors’ former hangout are a mess of overturned tables, chairs and pillows.

With the Hop Shop closed, shadows now encroach on the sides of what was once a center of light and joy.

The vending machines have been hollowed out, offering to the school only a weak fluorescent hum.

Interaction is limited in the new normal. A sign board stands at the center of the second floor hallway, reminding scattered passersby to “Be smart, stay apart.”

At the top of the Forum, sunlight spills onto a blue carpet and rows of empty loungers. Perhaps brighter, fuller days lie ahead. 

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