Highlights from the First Week of School

  • Opening Assembly
    • The opening assembly was a hit! It started with a hilarious prank orchestrated by Kelly Morris! She got us so good with that 300-person capacity zoom. #LOL. Next, the senior run-in was a complete success. The seniors combined impeccable preparation with unmatched enthusiasm. The freshmen made an incredible first impression by commenting “poggers 2024” and “class of 2024 rules” in the chat. Someone must have told them how to make the upperclassmen love them because they did a great job! Welcome 2024!! On a more solemn note, our hearts go out to Katie. We hope her collection of fur coats made it out of the fire.
  • Two days no school 
    • After a smashing opening day, GDS hit the ground RUNNING with two days of no school. Nothing says back to school like two days of relaxing and sleeping. We hope you are enjoying your delicious complimentary popcorn ball and baller new headphones from pickup day. #hopperexcellence. 
  • First Friday 
    • What a spectacular end to the best first week in GDS history. Congrats to the class of 2021 for winning, but a real congratulations goes out to Bobby for his beautiful taste in music. Thank you to everyone who sent in a video! We’re so glad that we could witness the hilarious content with absolutely no lags. Anyways, stream WAP.  

Stella Tongour ’22 and AKM ’22