Overheard at GDS: Farewell to Seniors Edition

Digital Illustration by Ivy Sand. 

Well, it finally happened. The seniors are gone, and it feels like winter break, spring break and summer break all wrapped into one. I never liked anyone in the class of 2023. I’ve been waiting for this day since the first time Ethan Wolin told me one of my ideas for the Bit wasn’t funny. So to celebrate, here are some quotes I’ve caught around the building lately. Some by seniors. Most not. 

“How did we beat Sidwell? That’s so embarrassing.”

“Did you ever watch Tangled?”

“No, it was too scary.”

“This is like the oath I took to become a farmer.”

“My grandpa’s got some sick pairs of suspenders. He’s a suspenders guy. He wears a belt and suspenders. His pants aren’t going anywhere.” 

“I used to make that noise in my sleep, and my camp counselor told me I had mental problems.”

“Do you feel that pressure against your skull?”

“A Zach Jager mini figurine from the Sephora collection actually.”

“If there’s ever a day when you think you don’t have homework, please check with me. Because it’s really rare that I don’t give homework to a UL class.”

“I’m sneezing to get the raisin out of my nose.”

“I’m really mad at Sue because she is giving us a test on stuff I have not been paying attention for.”

“Guys, I love the dark web. I spend most of my free time on there.”

“I dreamt about your father last night.”

“I actually have three calculators on me at all times.”

“I love your tights.” 

“Thanks, they’re my grandma’s!”

“The only time I ate McDonald’s was in China because the situation was critical.”

“I feel like you’d be the perfect child to be kidnapped.” 

“Sometimes I don’t want to go downstairs because I’m convinced there’s demons in my house, but I’m really thirsty, so I go to my bathroom sink and cup my hands and slurp it up.”

“When is the next “Overheard” coming? I’m bored.”