Overheard at GDS: The Revival

Digital illustration by Phoenix Zhang ’24.

It’s no secret that GDS is a special place full of special people. I challenged myself to open my ears—and my heart—and learned that if you take a break to listen and pay attention to your surroundings, you may get something astounding and even life-changing out of it. I was going to keep my sacred findings for myself, but Overheard at GDS, a Facebook group last updated in 2019 where brave students shared anonymous quotes they heard at school, inspired me to be courageous and share these precious treasures with the world. So here, my little lovelies, is a silly little collection of silly little things that I overheard while lurking in the hallways—that’s right, I’m everywhere. I hear all.

Have a blissful summer without me…I know parting is such sweet sorrow, but don’t worry: I’ll be back with another edition of unbelievable things people have said in the fall, so stay tuned! And, without further ado:

“All right, so go downstairs, take your condom with you and get yourself a chair.” (Said by a teacher.)

“Annabel! Get your pizza hands out of my moon boots. Don’t. Touch. My feet.”

“I feel like your stripper name would be something like Quinoa.”

“Soo, you did better on the quiz retake. Not as good as I was hoping…but it’s okay because I haven’t lost faith in you. You’ll get there.”

“No! I am not giving Julia Fisher a rotisserie chicken!” 

“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the existence of Wawa.”

“In this lab, my word is the word of God.”

“Best case scenario he dies.”

“There’s so many people in the world that statement works for.”

“Why does everything cost money? Like it’s so annoying.”

“Annabel R. Hilzenrath is the best person on The Augur Bit.”