Scrapped Wordle Alternatives

Digital illustration by Nava Mach.


  • The player is given a word and must find it in a jumble of random letters.

Editor’s note: What? This is just a lame word search!


  • The player is shown a gerrymandered county and has to choose which state it’s in. 

Editor’s note: North Carolina. It will always be North Carolina.


  • The player must guess the name of an obscure character from a sci-fi or fantasy series.

Editor’s note: If the character’s so obscure, what makes this, y’know, fun?


  • The player is given a picture of a critically endangered species and must guess which clothing brand is selling clothes made from its fur.

Editor’s note: My, this one’s depressing.


  • The player is given a random tweet by either a satirist or GOP member and has to distinguish the serious from the satire.

Editor’s note: But this isn’t even like Wordle, is it? It’s just true or false.


  • The player is given a photo of the milk and must decide how many days past its expiration date it is.

Editor’s note: That’s gross.


  • The player is given a photo of batter and must decide how long it has been stirred for.

Editor’s note: You have too much time on your hands.


  • The player is shown a photo of a famous criminal and must guess which prison they were interned in.

Editor’s note: Nice, we’re reaching the true crime market.