What Your First Word in Wordle Says About You

Students’ phones display the Wordle on Feb. 25. Photo by Sawyer Thompson.

We all love to play a bit of Wordle. It’s such a treat to wake up in the morning to a hard… puzzle. Everyone has a different approach to tackling this daily challenge. We’ve found that people actually tend to be more loyal to the first word they use in Wordle than to their favorite football team. Therefore, we present: What your first word in Wordle says about you. 

  • If your first word is “adieu”: Ya basic. You definitely didn’t come up with this yourself. In fact, you probably got it from Michael Manson. By the way, consonants are letters, too. Vowels can only get you so far. It probably takes you all six tries to get the Wordle and you make up other excuses for it. Pathetic.
  • If your first word is “sweet”: With two “E”s and a “W,” this is not the most strategic starting word. But, though you may not be good at Wordle, you’re probably a good person. Stay sweet, babe!
  • If your first word is “farts”: Grow up. Technically, these letters aren’t the worst, but they’re subpar at best. You lack class.  
  • If your first word is “death”: You’re simply done with everything. You are most likely an overworked junior or a senior who cannot stand to spend one more minute at GDS. Underclassmen, your future is bright!
  • If your first word is “pzazz” (yes, this is a real and accepted word): It’s definitely a bold choice, but respectable nonetheless. You’re the best kind of person, and we hope you get the Wordle in one try someday. 
  • If your first word is “caulk”: This is no one’s first word. What does this even mean? Use it in a sentence. We dare you. 
  • If your first word is “arise”: What a peaceful word. We can imagine you waking up to the sun outside your window and playing Wordle as birds chirp around you and a flower blooms every time you get another letter right. Awe-inspiring. 
  • If your first word is “irate”: It’s okay to scream in the middle of the quiet side of the library while everyone is desperately trying to focus. We’ve all been there. But you might need to check in with yourself and make sure you’re okay. Take a breather and collect yourself. 
  • If you use yesterday’s word: You must be stupid… It’s obviously not going to be the same word twice. You lack creativity. Even “adieu” is a better option at this point.

If you don’t play Wordle, you are the kind of person who looks at Instagram Reels instead of watching TikTok. Get up to speed!

P.S. Have you Heardle? Junior Mackenzie Williams got it in one try on Wednesday! Stay tuned for our Heardle review. But only if we feel like it. 

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