Looking to the Future: GDS Moves Ahead with Retail Development

Noah Gottdenker GDS’s campus expansion plans have come with new ideas, opportunities and possibilities. While it has already been decided that the space currently occupied by Safeway will be the site of the new Lower and Middle School campus and the space currently occupied by the former Martens Volvo-Volkswagen dealership will become some form of retail, it has yet to be decided exactly what will fill the retail space. GDS intends to utilize the Martens space for an expansive retail-residential complex with six to seven floors of residential apartments and one or two floors of retail. Exactly what retail the

The End of an Era: Safeway Closes After 30 Years in Tenleytown

by: Zach Blank At the end of March, Safeway, Inc. announced that, 30 years after its opening, the grocery store’s Tenleytown location would be closing within a month. This news was met with astonishment from many–and quite a few tears. Safeway patrons cherished this “secret” store; from its never-ending stock of freshly-made meals to its department of sartorial excellence in the apparel of local sports teams, the chain supplied it all. For many of Safeway’s patrons, the news of the store’s closing was totally unexpected. Laura Singletary, a frequenter of the store, was “really disappointed” when she heard the store

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