Women’s Varsity Basketball Undefeated Besides Loss to Potomac

Photo by Reid Alexander.

GDS and Potomac’s women’s varsity basketball teams, both undefeated, faced off in a deciding bout on Jan. 19. After a hard-fought game, the Potomac Panthers brought an end to GDS’ undefeated run.

GDS won its following three games by over 20 points, putting it well on track to rekindle the winning streak. As of Jan. 28, the team’s record is 11–1.

GDS and Potomac traded the lead for the duration of the first quarter, which ended 11–9 in Potomac’s favor. At halftime, GDS led by two points, but the Panthers found their rhythm offensively in the second half and GDS fell behind. Senior Sofia Greenfield led the team with 14 points, but the game ended in a 55–45 loss for GDS.

In a postgame interview, junior Lila Boyle, the team’s manager, said the players weren’t as “mentally connected” as they had been in previous games, which she attributed to their changing lineup: The game was sophomore Zania Socka’s first since being out with COVID. Even so, Socka dropped 12 points against Potomac. 

Even with Socka back, the roster includes only eight players. Boyle credits the team’s success to each player’s unique role. Consequently, she said, “when one person is out, it really takes a toll on the team dynamic.”

Coach Pam Stanfield said that the team struggles against squads with deeper benches, since it doesn’t have as many fresh legs to use and the players are more likely to get tired. As a result, she has increased her involvement in the GDS middle school, working with younger players to garner interest and cultivate the women’s basketball program. Currently, there are only six players on the women’s JV team. Stanfield said that assuring the program’s continuation is a personal goal.

At the beginning of the season, Stanfield set another clear goal for the team: getting to the ISL Lower Division’s championship game. “I think it’s very possible with our roster,” she said. Junior Lina Stensland took Stanfield’s aim a step further: “Our main goal is to get a banner.”

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