Editor’s Note — December 2018

The 2018 staff poses for a group picture. Source: Sue Ikenberry.

Dear Hoppers,

What a year! We are extremely proud to have accomplished so much with our team in 2018 and could not have done it without our dedicated readers. Without you all, there would be no one to use copies of the Bit to cover up the carpet and use as a napkin after Hardy’s. Who says print journalism is dead?

In all seriousness, we’d like to thank our staff for their amazing work this year. We’ve published more editions this year than ever before and worked hard in August to release an issue during the first few days of school. We completely redesigned our website and digitalized every edition on theaugurbit.com. We attended a journalism conference at The Harvard Crimson, where one of our staff writers, Will Olsen, earned an honorable mention in a writing competition for his op-ed. We even covered breaking news, managing to scoop stories before the administration had time to react. Alas, though, our year is over, and it’s time for two new students to take the reins of the newspaper. We are pleased to announce that Amelia Myre and Abby Murphy will be your next editors-in-chief of The Augur Bit.

As the daughter of two journalists (and the sister of another), Amelia Myre naturally has journalism in her blood. Throughout her career, Amelia has focused her stories on the intersections between national politics and GDS. Some of her best pieces include “What Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Means for the Supreme Court,” “Muslim Students on Trump’s Muslim Ban” and “Immigrants Make America Great: The Importance of DACA.” As editor-in-chief, Amelia plans to expand the scope of the Bit, suggesting that the editor staff take more trips to national journalism conferences and maybe even host one of their own given the plethora of GDS connections to top reporters. Stick around long enough, and you may just see nine-year-old Luke Myre become editor-in-chief.

Abby Murphy almost quit The Augur Bit when the editor-in-chief her freshman year (*cough, cough* Will Gerson ’17) forgot to publish her first ever article, but we’re glad she stuck around. She has written most frequently for the sports section and served as the Sports Editor during 2018—the only lead editor from the class of 2020 during that time. Under her leadership, Abby transformed the sports section; while girls notoriously didn’t participate in sports writing at GDS, Abby encouraged other girls to get involved with sports reporting. Outside of the Bit, Abby can’t get enough of sports: she’s a three-season varsity runner. Plus, after the incident with her first article, she promises to publish the articles of every freshman.

While we are extremely sad to leave our posts, we couldn’t be happier to know that the newspaper will be left in great hands! Thanks to Amelia and Abby in advance but, more importantly, thanks to all of our readers. Our job wouldn’t be possible without you.

Signing off forever.

By Annalise Myre ’19 and Zach Blank ’19

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