GDS Holiday Carols

(To the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

You know C.A. and Chrissy and Katie and Bobby,

Catherine and Kevin and Laura and Kelly

But do you recall

The most famous admin of all?

Quinny the dean of school life, had a very special job (it was real obscure)

And if you never saw him, it might seem a little odd

All of the other admins, used to laugh and call him names, (like “Chris Levy”!)

They never let poor Quinny

Play in First Friday games (like the speed walk contest!)

Then one drawn out December’s day, Russell came to say (came to say, came to say)

“Quinny, you’re a special man, you’ll control the finger scans.”

Then all the admins loved him,

And they were just so thrilled

“Quinny the special job man”

You’ll run all the fire drills! (For the open campus!)

(To the tune of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree)

Rocking around the freshman pit

And it smells like Chick-fil-A. (buh dah bah dah dum)

Everyone’s watching where they sit,

In a nervous kind of way

You can get a sentimental feeling

When you’re here

Then you’ll look down and you’ll realize

You just stepped in Hardy’s cheese fries.

(To the tune of Silent Night)

Quiet side, Holy side

All is calm,

No phone’s bright

Shira Minsk writes a college essay

Freshman boy calls something “gay”

Sleeping sophomore at peace.

He slept through Chemistry.

(To the tune of Hanukkah oh Hanukkah come light the menorah)

Tour guides oh tour guides

Don’t mention the swastika

Stay out of the bathrooms, it’s too risky for ya

Don’t let them see a copy of the last Augur Bit!

It would really ruin their innocent spirit

And if youuu do slip up, just make sure to say:

“As a high school, we are really cool in a unique liberal kinda way.”

“As a high school, we really are cool in a unique liberal kinda way.”

By: Lucy Walker ’19 and Cole Wright-Schaner ’19